Project Results


Manu Mobile will be underpinned by the common principles for quality assurance for all learning outcomes which should in be achievable through a variety of education and learning paths at all levels of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF), and then be transferred and recognised. This project therefore contributes to the wider objectives of increasing the employability, openness to mobility and social inclusion of workers and learners. It particularly facilitates the development of flexible and individualised pathways.

Transparent quality assurance principles, exchange of information and development of partnerships between institutions competent for qualifications, VET providers and other relevant stakeholders will help to build mutual trust and facilitate the mobility of workers.

The quality assurance standards ISO 9001, the EWF Quality Assurance System and the principles of EQAVET will form the basis of the ManuMobile Quality Assurance Sytem which will be designed for benchmarking with other professions in Manufacturing.

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